Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Player Evaluations

By James Landers

James Landers(Saint Petersburg, Florida) is a youth football coach in Saint Petersburg, Florida responsible for multi conference championships and a leader in off the field youth development programs. Mr. Landers is passionate about building programs that provide opportunity to all children, regardless of economic limitations. His economic outreach program in Saint Petersburg, Florida is responsible for supporting numerous players throughout the city.

I reccomend making sure all of your coaches understand the goals and objectives of the the 1st week of the practice season. Namely, the coaches will need to make evaluation on all the players to determine which skill level they will work with.

Most importantly, young players need to be placed in the group that best affords them the opportunity to develop. If a player is not going to contribute on the varsity squad, then do the child and yourself a favor and move him down to JV. This will not only help the JV squad, but also give the player the best chance to develop.

Also, know that many kids develop a different paces. Pay special attention to 1st year players. They often develop the most during the first few weeks.

Lastly, make it objective. Keep past performances, parent opinions and league politics out of the equation. Maintaining complete objectivity is not only the ethical approach, it will save you from explaining your decisions to multiple parties.

As always, have fun and enjoy the moment.

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