Monday, July 18, 2011

Player Position Changes

By James Landers.

James Landers, Saint Petersburg, Florida is a youth football coach with the North East Bandits organization. He is the founder of the Landers Youth Foundation which supports the equality of opportunity in youth sports.

It happens to all coaches. You have the players but struggle as to where to put them on the field. The practice schedule does not give you enough time to try everyone everywhere so you lock kids into spots and move forward.
While this approach makes it easier, you might be leaving some opportunity on the table.

My suggestion is to constantly tweak the line up throughout the season.
The best coaches always have their teams playing their best at the end of the season. Therefore, you likely will have 10+ weeks to find the right fit to the puzzle. If this approach results in a loss in the process, don’t sweat it. You likely will get another shot against them in the playoffs and if you are constantly improving, the results will show.

Build the season plan to play your best game on your last game!!!!

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