Monday, July 18, 2011

The Coach/Parent Relationship

By James Landers. James Landers, Saint Petersburg, Florida is a youth football coach with the North East Bandits organization.

Parents and the coach both share a responsibility in making the experience a positive one. Coaches owe the player and the parents a positive experience that focuses player development, fundamentals and fun.
Parents expect their child to learn. Therefore, this should be the coaches focus. There is simply no excuse for not teaching the basic skills of the sport. With today’s access to information, coaches can learn a considerable amount of skills via the internet.
Coaches should expect to manage the team without interference from parents and/or family members. If input is needed, parents should discuss the matter away from the child. Coaches should refrain from interaction with parents immediately following the game. This period of time should be dedicated to setting the stage for the upcoming week rather than discussing playing time and/or opinions from parents.
If a coach is prepared and shows great passion for teaching and focuses on player development, the season is a success regardless of the win-loss record.

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