Monday, July 18, 2011

Winning the Only Way

By James Landers
James Landers(Saint Petersburg, Florida) is a youth football coach in Saint Petersburg, Florida responsible for multi conference championships and a leader in off the field youth development programs. Mr. Landers is passionate about building programs that provide opportunity to all children, regardless of economic limitations. His economic outreach program in Saint Petersburg, Florida is responsible for supporting numerous players throughout the city.

Coaches are often going to be challenged to take short cuts. Do they play their top 11 players on both sides of the ball and win easily or do they do the right thing and develop players along the way. Winning the right way should be the only way. How do you win the right way? Keep these fundamental principles in mind when putting together your plan.
• The goal of your program is to develop youth players into responsible young adults. If you have contributed to this process, you have won.
• Teach your players how to win with class. Often times, our society highlights and awards behavior that is unacceptable. Teach your players that true winners are humble.
• Losing is sometimes a blessing. We often learn more after a loss than a win. Use a loss as an opportunity to improve.
• Teach your players that lesser talented players are just as important to the outcome. They all contribute in different ways.
• Make sure your coaches and parents understand the real goal of the season.
A classless win is really a loss.

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